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The Shakespeare Globe Centre (USA)Research Archive

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Devoted to the architecture of the reconstruction of

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

and its investigations of the original staging practices used for Shakespeare's plays.

In January 2004, the Shakespeare Globe Center (USA) closed it offices in New York City. It remains an active fundraising organization but the SGC(USA) Research Archive is now the last of its active offices in the United States. This archive documets the 32 year history of the committment and dedication of Americans to the building of Shakespeare's Globe in London. We are now in the process of reorganizing this site and hope to have an updated version on line in the summer of 2005. You are welcome to use what is here, but much of it has not been updated since 2002.

For scheduling, ticketing, and educational information at Shakespeare's Globe in London please go to the:
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Last updated on: 21 January 2005